Friday, January 9, 2015

Got Ink?

I am moderately tattooed and my husband is heavily.  I knew there would come a day when at least one of my 3 children would ask for a tattoo and I would stand by my "NOT until you are 18" rule because I didn't get my first taste of ink until I was 20 and that was after years of wanting one. For the past 3 years my daughter has been taking ballet and hip hop classes. She is always in perpetual motion, doesn't matter what time of day or where she is, if the music moves her she is off and running. When she first mentioned it I was firm at "NO" but after a few months I decided to ask her what she wanted. I expected something like Hello Kitty, but when she presented this idea to me, I couldn't help but think about. Shouldn't tattoos be about something meaningful, especially your first one? I KNOW my child and I KNOW even if she were to stop dance classes tomorrow she will forever be in perpetual motion. She is 15 and I caved in, it is beyond beautiful in my eyes and I am so excited to see it finished.

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