Saturday, January 31, 2015

Got Ink?

The thing about tattoos is, everyone has their own vision of what they think they should look like. My arm has been touched by 3 different artists. I was about to just give up and "live" with what I had. I am in AWE with what my artist has been able to do, I am so impressed and excited to finish! The first 2 photos are the work I had done today 1/31/15. The 3rd photo shows the progress of the 3 artists and the last one shows the before and after of my Sea Turtle. THAT Turtle has been touched 5 times. It was one of those tattoos done by someone who needed bodies to practice on. It was "ok" originally, it was the size of a silver dollar, the color was muddy and many people thought it was a birthmark of some sort. After a few years I got it covered up, then decided to build on it and it got touched up again and again and....well, you get the picture! So a word of advice...DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON YOUR POTENTIAL ARTISTS!!!!! IF only I had this would be done, money would be saved and I would be working on other things. 

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